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3D Ultrasound

 Prenatal Elective Limited Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

We provide prenatal elective limited diagnostic 3D, 4D reassurance scans to those expectant mothers who are currently receiving prenatal care, and have already undergone their second trimester diagnostic ultrasound. We recommend having a 3D, 4D ultrasound performed after the 25th week of pregnancy, and the 28th week for our fuller-figured mothers.. 3D imaging is captured in still images where you can see actual facial details and 4D is the actual real time motion of your baby moving. These memories are enhanced with the fun and caring “baby tour” provided by our sonographer. As always, gender determination is by request only. Because elective scans are not covered by insurance, we have put together numerous sessions to fit the needs of just about everyone.

2D Ultrasound

 Prenatal Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

We offer Level One diagnostic services performed through an order from your healthcare provider. We have partnered with many providers to be the exclusive Advanced Medical Imaging Facility for their practice. We also provide our services to many other expectant families desiring to complete their ultrasound at a more family-centered, patient-focused environment. We offer complimentary images for you take home and as always gender determination is by request only. We accept many insurance plans; please call our office to see if we are a provider for your plan. Please Note: Patients who complete their diagnostic ultrasound with us are eligible for a custom priced 3D, 4D ultrasound!

About Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Services at Pacific Coast Ultrasound

Convenience and Modern Technology - Being a clinic dedicated specifically to ultrasound allows us to concentrate on the latest applications and technology while still being small enough to provide personal service at a relatively low cost. 

Applications available:
  • Obstetrics
  • Women’s health- GYN/pelvic
  • Abdominal
  • Urology
  • Vascular

Why should you ask if a registered sonographer will be performing your sonogram?

Did you know that the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) recommends that when you schedule an ultrasound at a facility that you ask if they have registered sonographers?

Why? Because the quality of your ultrasound exam depends as much on the sonographer's experience as it does on the type of equipment being used.

What the average patient doesn't know about ultrasound is that ultrasound is very technologist dependent unlike some other imaging procedures. The ultrasound exam quality and accuracy depends on the examiner's experience and the type of equipment used.

At Pacific Coast Ultrasound we have highly skilled, registered diagnostic medical sonographers and our  GE Voluson 730 is the finest state of the art ultrasound machine available. The images are better: more resolution, clearer pictures. Images are stored digitally on CD's instead of on film. 

Your images are interpreted by an experienced Board Certified Radiologist. Reports are sent to your doctor within 24-48 hours.

We take the time to talk to you and explain what to expect with each exam. At Pacific Coast Ultrasound we know your time is valuable. That's why we believe in on time appointments.

Healthcare can be costly -- there's no getting around that. Whether your insurance is paying for your ultrasound or you're paying yourself you need to know that you're getting the best value for your health care dollar.

We Care!  We'll provide you with dependable cost quotes so you can compare prices. But value is more than just dollars. Having trained, experienced medical personnel right there, readily available to answer your questions in a comforting serene environment is what you should expect for yourself.

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Pacific Coast Ultrasound offers Prenatal Elective Limited Diagnostic 3D 4D Ultrasound Services and Prenatal Diagnostic 2D Ultrasound Services. On the Pacific Coast Ultrasound website you will find information about 3D/4D ultrasound services, samples of 3D/4D sonogram images and 3D4D sonogram videos. Pacific Coast Ultrasound 3D and 4D ultrasound prices are also available. Have your 3D scan or 4D scan today! Pacific Coast Ultrasound is a provider of 3D Ultrasound and 4D Ultrasound services. Pacific Coast Ultrasound 3D 4D Ultrasound machines provide beautiful 3D sonogram photos and 4D videos. Pacific Coast Ultrasound offers Prenatal Elective Limited Diagnostic 3D 4D Ultrasound Services and Prenatal Diagnostic 2D Ultrasound Services. Pacific Coast Ultrasound 3D imaging services include 3D 4D Fetal Ultrasound with 3D baby Ultrasound photos and 4D baby Ultrasound videos. 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound customers receive 3D baby sonogram photos and 4D Ultrasound videos of their baby. Pacific Coast Ultrasound offers Prenatal Elective Limited Diagnostic 3D 4D Ultrasound Services and Prenatal Diagnostic 2D Ultrasound Services. 4d ultrasound