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Darlene & Staff,

Johnny and I wanted to thank you for letting us come back Wednesday evening and for taking the extra time (and patience) needed to get a good glimpse of our little girl's face.  We watched the DVD you made for us this morning and it was so neat to be able to watch her "live".   When she decides to make her appearance we will definitely send you pictures.  Your wonderful personality and kindness made coming to your office a real pleasure.  We wish you the very best.
Once again, thank you!

Jennifer, John & Baby Girl

Hi Darlene,

I wanted to thank you and your great staff at Pacific Coast Ultrasound!  Your office is just beautiful and everyone was so warm and friendly!  This was such a great experience for me, Erik and all of the Grandparents!  No one could believe how much technology has changed!  It was so cool to be able to see our daughter for the first time and be able to see whose features she already has.  I can't tell enough people to get this done with you guys, it was the best experience we have had during this entire pregnancy!  You have made us even more eager to meet our daughter!  :-)  I can't wait to show my daughter the CD when she gets older...  We will cherish this memory forever.   I can't thank you enough!!!

Preva Lohla
The Mark & Brian Show

Darlene & the wonderful Pacific Coast Ultrasound Staff,

WOW!!!  What a truly amazing experience it was to be able to see our little baby for the first time so clearly!!  You and your staff were so patient and kind.  You took the time to make sure we were able to get as many clear images as possible which meant so much to us!

Your generosity and kindness made our visit all the more special.  Not only is your office beautiful (very much like visiting a day spa), the room where the ultrasound is performed is very soothing and comforting.  The background music helped my husband and family relax so everyone could enjoy the experience completely.  I also really enjoyed the fact that we were all able to be together in the same room viewing the big screen at the same time while the ultrasound was performed.  I have to add that, not only is it a truly wonderful bonding experience for parents to be and baby, but also for the grandparents and aunt to be.  It really made them feel a part of everything instead of just standing on the sidelines waiting for the “big day” to arrive. 

I have already told everyone about you and the truly amazing gift you’re providing for families and will continue to spread the word.  Everyone needs to have this done with Pacific Coast Ultrasound!!  

Thank you so much for making our first experience with all of this a truly amazing time for everyone involved!  Now we can’t wait to meet our little boy or girl!!

Amy, Eric and Baby

To Everyone at Pacific Coast Ultrasound,


The beautiful memories that you have given us are priceless! This was an experience that
will never be forgotten and will be sincerely cherished.
When we arrived at your place we honestly had no idea what to expect. I guess we were imagining that it would be more like a clinical setting, but your office was actually like a spa!  The rooms were so peaceful and inviting and the area where you view your baby was so cozy and personal.  Of course the fact that everyone was not only professional but so warm, pampering and accommodating, made the experience that much more incredible.
Seeing my son for the first time was such a bonding moment for a new little family.  We got a glimpse into our son’s world and could finally put a face to the person we have been falling in love with for so many months! Words cannot explain how we felt.

Whenever I am insecure about our baby or begin to worry, which I’m sure all expecting mom’s do, I just pop in the DVD that I got with my package.  It takes my mind from the worry and I get to enjoy him move, make expressions and be healthy and carefree.

Thank you everyone for your true kindness and for this amazing experience that will stay with my husband and I for the rest of our lives!

Forever Grateful,

Kathryn and Nick Bergh

Dear Darlene and the wonderful staff at Pacific Coast Ultrasound,

The experience at Pacific Coast Ultrasound was a miracle in so many ways.  I went for my visit right around the time I was starting to feel early contractions and lack of movement around my 31st week of pregnancy.  Even though my doctor had reassured me that everything was fine, your unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable staff had really put my mind at ease.  Thoroughly detailed ultrasound shows every line on your baby’s body and all of the movements that the baby is making at that moment.

Seeing such a clear picture of my baby was nothing short of a miracle.  Your facility has such a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and your staff is extremely friendly.  I would highly recommend this to every parent.  It is a rare and unique keepsake I’ll have  for the rest of my life and the experience itself felt like a retreat.  I feel rejuvenated in so many ways.

Thank you staff at Pacific Coast Ultrasound.

Vidovic Family
Mario, Elizabeta, and Izabela Vidovic

Darlene and Staff,

I was researching the internet for an establishment that provided 3d/4d ultrasounds…Upon opening your Website, I immediately noticed the great prices and welcoming atmosphere, with skilled professionals. When I arrived with my family for my appointment, I immediately noticed the quaint setting.  Darlene welcomed my Mother and Sister by saying, ‘this must be Grandma and Auntie.’  My Mom became emotional and said, ‘wow, that’s the first time anyone has called me Grandma.’  The procedure was non-evasive which allowed me to invite my Father and Mother-in-law to my second appointment.  My mother said, ‘It was just as exciting as witnessing the birth of the baby!’  I couldn’t be more happy with the results of the DVD’s and photographs…I was able to show my husband most of the DVD’s and some of the photographs…He wants to be surprised at the time of the birth, with the gender…He was touched to be able to see as much as he did…I think the baby already looks like him…I’ll send pictures upon the arrival of the little one.. Thanks again…I’ll be back for round two in another year or two!

Natalie and Sean Uyematsu  

Please note:
An expectant mother wishing to have an elective ultrasound performed MUST be under prenatal care for her pregnancy, and have already undergone a second trimester diagnostic ultrasound with her provider. This elective ultrasound is NOT intended to take place of a complete diagnostic ultrasound, or any other type of care required by your healthcare provider.

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